Filtration substrate adapted to any type of swimming pool sand filter.

Size grading: 0.5 – 1 mm.

Packaging: 20 kg.

Properties product:

  • Eliminates the ammonium at the origin of the chloramines formation.
  • Limits the seaweeds formation.
  • Maintains the pH due to its buffering effect.
  • Less consumption of chemicals and washing water.
  • Do not require specific equipments.
  • Requires less backwash and less replacement compared to the sand.
  • Can be used with the main water treatment products .
  • Removes particles ten times as small as those filtered by the sand thanks to its sharpness of greater filtration and allows to have a clear and pure water.
  • Reduces the chemicals needs (chlorinate, algicides) for a better bathing comfort.
  • Can be recycled as fertilizer for the garden.





Filtration sharpness

40 µ

5 to 10 µ

Quantity in kg for a filter 900 mm diameter