Sustainably improves soil fertility. Can be used in combination with all types of substrates.

Size: 0.5 – 1 mm, 0 – 1 mm, 0.7 – 2 mm, 3 – 6 mm and 6 – 18 mm.

Product virtues:

  • Accelerates root development.
  • Increases the exchange capacity of the “clay-humus complex.”
  • Acts as an anti-caking agent.
  • Lightens heavy and clayey soils improving drainage of the surface.
  • Improves the soil structure by opposing its acidification to its buffer effect and by the delay of the nitrification of ammonium nitrogen.
  • Provides micronutrients.
  • Increases trampling resistance.
  • Decreases the frequency of repotting.
  • Prevents roots rotting.
  • Promotes branching.
  • Moderates the mosses development.
  • Saves water and fertilizer.
  • Resistant to drying and decrease the formation of “lichen.”
  • Retains water without volume change.
  • Serves as a support for microorganisms, which contributes to cutting wastes degradation.