Reference substrate for the cultivation of bonsai, cactus, succulents and rarest plants.

Chabasai used pure or mixed with any type of substrate to improve rooting and encourage branching and growth of potted plants.

Size: 2 – 5 mm.

Product virtues:

  • Ensures a good ratio drainage / retention (retention rate of approximately 48% water in weight).
  • Allows an abundant production of roots.
  • Accelerates seed germination and seedling development.
  • Prevents damping and reduces the harmful organisms development.
  • Promotes branching and growth of potted plants.
  • Maintains neutral pH environment thanks to its buffering effect.
  • Less consumption of fertilizer and water for irrigation.
  • Contains no pathogen for plants.
  • Does not swell and does not disintegrate despite watering and temperature variations.