The high cation exchange capacity (CEC) of zeolites, combined with their affinity for some cations and largecapacity adsorption make materials unique in various water treatment types.

Zeolites can treat undesirable cations in drinking water. Their effectiveness is recognized for the removal of certain heavy metals and radioactive elements in industrial water and iron removal and manganese water drilling.

The high polarity and the microporous structure of zeolites make excellent adsorbents with performance similar or even superior to activated coal treatment in the case of some pollutants such as organochlorine or some pesticides.

Their properties make some zeolites exceptional mechanical filtration media. Their performance can match that of the diatom with a filtratio capacity of particles up to 3 to 5 microns. They significantly reduce operating costs and filtration units.

One of the most promising applications of zeolites, is the biological treatment of water. Due to their large surface area and porosity, zeolites are perfect nests bacteria. They advantageously replace sand, gravel, pozzolan and plastic supports.

Our zeolite integrate the different stages of the water cycle:

  • Sanitation.
  • Remediation.
  • Filtration / purification.

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